December, 2008

R Inglish speling & punctuation 2 hard 4 kidz?

A couple of months ago I read in a Times article that the president of the Spelling Society wants to dump the apostrophe. Apparently he also suggested pupils should be allowed to spell words phonetically.  Mmm great idea.

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Pep up your sales letters

I got a great sales letter from catalogue and online clothes company, Boden last week.  “Hello Ms Swift” it opened.  “A few months ago you set our hearts racing by requesting a catalogue full of our lovely clothes.  Since that initial flicker of interest we haven’t heard a squeak.”

It carried on that chatty, light-hearted tone, and offered me £10 off my first purchase.  It was signed by Johnny Boden as are most of Boden’s communications.  If you ring the company and the line is busy, you get a message from Johnny himself.  (Well, I like to believe it’s Johnny).

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