February, 2009

Warning: over-used devices can drastically damage your copy

Less is more so they say -whoever they are. That has just been rammed home to me while reading a book by and about a company that I really admire.  I love what they do and am a big, big fan of their copywriting.

However I found one device they use in the book very irritating and that’s only because they’ve used it so often.  By the time I got to the end of page two and had counted ten instances (because that’s the kind of sad person I am) it really began to rankle.

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One hundred million trillion ways to sum up your business

Whatever you’re writing, whether it’s  a business letter, web page, newsletter item, or brochure,  finding the right words isn’t easy.  You have to choose words that clearly and succinctly sum up your business, service or product . And they have to resonate with your audience. But if you think that’s difficult how about this for a fact? There are up to one hundred million trillion ways you could write a 20 word sentence.

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Breakfast networking – worth getting out of bed for?

Very early start this morning (5am) to get to a breakfast networking meeting at Warren House in Kingston upon Thames .  I only live 15 minutes away but it takes longer and longer these days to look presentable – especially at 7 in the morning.

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