August, 2009

A little guide to keywords and why we need them

Most people know that keywords and phrases play a role in website search engine optimisation (SEO).  However, do you know why they are important and how they work? Do you know how to make sure your chosen words and phrases will bring people to your website?

Want to find out more? I asked website designer and developer, Robert Games of Pad Media, to help me put together a basic guide to keywords. And here it is.

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One word or two?

Sometimes (or should that be some times?) it’s difficult to know whether something (some thing?) should be written as one word or two. Well, it all depends on context.  Here’s an example.

A stroppy, bored teenager may use the one word version of ‘whatever’ (emphasis on ever for maximum effect of course!) as a retort to a weary parent. Whereas the weary parent may well ask ‘what ever did happen to our sweet, angelic little child?’  I’ll explain the differences later.

I’ve put together a list of words that seem to cause most confusion. It’s by no means exhaustive but I hope you’ll find it useful.

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Hello. I'm Elaine, I'm a copywriter and this is my blog.

It's mostly about words and writing - things that inspire me, entertain me, and make me smile. Sometimes it's about things that horrify me so much I want to scream and shout!

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. And speaking of useful - scroll down and take a look at the Oxford Dictionaries tool.

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