October, 2009

Does your CV get you noticed?

Guest post by Kate Walker, career transition consultant and CV expert

Did you know that on average a busy recruiter spends only 60 seconds reading your CV? Sad but true. Especially when you think of the blood, sweat and tears you spent writing it.

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Contractions don’t have to be painful

Why are people so afraid of contractions? I don’t mean contractions as experienced by mothers-to-be in labour. For goodness’ sake, people have every right to be afraid of that sort of contraction. Just thinking about them makes me wince and brings tears to my eyes. And I haven’t had children!Anyway, I digress and I’m feeling queasy so back to my point. The contractions I’m talking about are things like:

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What’s the point of political slogans?

Picture of Ryan Giggs

Hot on the heels of my post about straplines, here’s a BBC News online article speculating on the sound-bite Cameron will use to close the Tory conference.

As with straplines, a lot of thought and care has to go into political party soundbites. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe when you hear some of them. Some sound as though they’ve been scribbled on an expenses chit in the back of a limo, on the way back to that second home. Others reek of a slick advertising agency.

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VW Blue Motion ad makes me green with envy – a great illustration of clear, simple, but creative copy

vw-ad-for-blog-2.jpgI love this ad for VW’s Blue Motion range. It ran on the London Underground and I’ve seen it at a couple of motorway service stations.  I think it’s SO clever.

It perfectly illustrates the power of words when used well and creatively. The message is the economy of the Blue Motion range and it’s reflected by wonderfully economic copy.

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