July, 2012

Do you need total silence when you write?

Our neighbours are having their garden landscaped. They’ve had a team of gardeners working flat out for the better part of a month and that means lots of sawing, banging, angle-grinding, and music.

I’m rubbish at shutting out noise – especially when it’s intermittent. During the silences I find myself waiting for it to start up again. So I’ve abandoned my little writing hut in the garden and retreated indoors where it’s much quieter.

I really wish I could find a way to block out noise and wondered if other writers find it so difficult, and if so what they do to get around it.

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Surbiton business owner gets around Olympic word ban

On Friday I wrote about the ridiculous restrictions on the use of certain words and phrases connected with the Olympics. It’s meant to stop businesses from infringing the rights of the sponsors with ‘ambush marketing’. But it’s hard to see how a small local business, who uses an Olympic theme for its window dressing, could possibly hurt a giant like McDonalds.

One such small local business has come up with an inspired way to get around the ban. Take a bow Stephen Holt, owner of Focus Wear in Surbiton.

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‘Brand police’ deployed to hunt out ambush marketeers

‘Britain flooded with ‘brand police’ to protect sponsors’, screamed the headline in the Independent on Tuesday 18 July. I’m not sure if Independent headlines really do scream but it was enough to draw me in.

According to the report, hundreds of uniformed Olympics officers have been dispatched to tour the UK, checking companies to make sure they’re not ‘ambush marketing’ or illegally associating themselves with the Games at the expense of official sponsors.

Businesses have been warned that, during the Games, they are banned from using certain words in their advertising. I must admit, I’m a little baffled by some of the words on the banned list.

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Are You Ready to Write Your First Book? Guest post by writer’s coach, Leda Sammarco

When people find out I write for a living they often ask if I’m ever going to write a book.  I’ve thought about it and I know that, if I ever get around to it, it will be a factual book rather than non-fiction. And I also know it’s likely to be about my love of Cornwall. But where to start?

Well, I decided to book a session with writer’s coach, Leda Sammarco. It was great! She really helped me think about why I wanted to write the book and who I’d be writing it for. She also gave me lots of information on how to get published.

The session was so useful that I asked her to write a guest post for my blog to help other people who are thinking about writing their first book. I hope it inspires you! Over to you, Leda.

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