August, 2013

Spot the solution – a riveting new take on motorway Eye-Spy

Just in time solutionsHere’s a new way to relieve motorway boredom – Spot the Solution! It’s not difficult: you’ll see lots of them painted proudly onto the side of lorries as companies deliver their solutions up and down the country. Because adding the word ‘solutions’ to a strapline, or in some cases, the company name, sounds so professional and dynamic doesn’t it?

You could spice up the game by choosing the best worst use of the dreaded word or the most baffling. Here is just a selection of  the ones I’ve spotted recently:


The General Category

Total Water Solutions from Good Water (complete with hazard and poison signs just underneath)

Independent Workwear Solutions (that would be clothes then)

Environmental Consultants Sustainable Solutions

The ‘Works Without Solutions’ Category

Vehicle Solutions Vehicle Hire and Rental (What’s wrong with Vehicle Hire and Rental?)

Medical Gas Solutions

EON smarter metering solutions

Star prize in this category goes to ‘Vehicle Solutions’.

The ‘So What Do You Do?’categoryTop Solution

Warberer’s Optimum Solution (sounds rather sinister…)

Sustainable Group Energy Solutions

Maningly Co Product Solutions

CBES Constructive Solutions (go figure)

Delivering Retail Solutions (“Hello, here’s the consignment of retail solutions you ordered…”)

Specialist Access Solutions

Lifting Solutions (for lifting what?)

Just in Time Solutions

Total Engineered Solutions

Top Solution

Warberer's Optimum SolutionAh. Too many beauties in this category to choose an outright winner. The star prize is shared between Warberer’s, CBES, Top Solutions and Just in Time Solutions. Why waste ink on something so esoteric?






Here are a couple without solutions. They’re just silly:

Delivering Sustainable Distribution (Uh?)

Excellence. Simply delivered

Support that works as hard as a cat (Hello – have you ever observed a cat? Below are some pictures of our cat hard at work)

Monty sleeping on the sill

Monty snoozingMonty in his basket
















So, over to you but please play this game safely and responsibly! I should stress that I do have a passenger to do the scribbling and photography for me… honest officer.



Client of the Month – New Era Internet




Copywriting can be a lonely occupation so it’s great to collaborate with other creatives such as design agencies.

And it’s doubly nice when the team is as great to work with as Croydon-based web development and online marketing agency, New Era Internet

Our first project together was a large and complex website for Camstage an established, well-respected supplier of screens and stage curtains to cinemas and theatres. The complexity and scale made it a real relationship tester but we worked well together and had some fun along the way!

Since then we’ve worked on several other websites including Connect Hair and Ian Allan Travel.

New Era Internet is a division of UK internet service provider, Tollon, established in 1997,  which provides a range of services from shared to dedicated cloud based hosting.

The New Era division offers a complete service from initial planning and design, to deployment, management and marketing. Services include web design, development, SEO, marketing, social media and website hosting.

New Era’s clients are mix of large, medium and small businesses across the UK and abroad. And they’ve also built a loyal base of local customers in Croydon and South London.

The agency covers everything from start-ups wanting a new website to complete website redesigns for established companies such as Camstage and Ian Allan Travel.

The New Era team is always looking for the best platforms and products to give clients exactly what they want and need to make them successful. For example, they specialise in WordPress development because it provides clients with excellent content management features.

But choosing the best products is just one way which New Era excels at customer service. They’re on the client’s side from the word go, quickly getting to understand the business and advising them on the best route to achieve their goals.  The result is a great looking, user-friendly site that gets found by the search engines too.

And here’s what they think of me!

“We have worked with Elaine on a number of projects and it has been an absolute pleasure. She produces some fantastic copy, with an excellent attention to detail and a thoroughly engaging writing style. Elaine is also able to adapt her tone of writing effectively to communicate and convey brand messages to a variety of different audiences.

As we’re a web development and online marketing agency, search engine optimisation is a high priority for us and our clients. Great copy makes for great SEO and Elaine understands this very well. She is brilliant at producing optimised website copy with SEO in mind that gets the balance between keywords and readability just right.

Thank you very much Elaine, we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”





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