April Client of the Month – Ashtead Performance Group

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April’s client of the month is Simon Aldridge, MD of Ashtead Performance Group (APG).

I’ve worked with Simon for the last five years, ever since he asked me to write the words for APG’s website.

APG works with senior teams to equip them to achieve excellent performance across their business. And therein lay the challenge.

What I did
Simon is a very genuine, down to earth, straight-taking guy. He wanted to get APG’s message across to its potential clients in a way that reflected his personality. And he most definitely wanted to avoid the impersonal, jargon-laden language often associated, fairly or unfairly, with business consultants.

First person plural was a must, as was the use of contractions. Sadly, I come across too many people who claim not to like contractions in writing, yet without them writing sounds stilted and robotic. Thankfully, Simon doesn’t fall into that bracket!

As well as the website, he wanted to send out a regular e-newsletter to keep APG front of mind, and of course to attract new clients.

Ongoing work
Simon writes an article each month on a something that resonates with him or is maybe a reaction to something topical. It’s called Three Minutes On… the idea being you should be able to read it in – yes you’ve guessed it – three minutes.

He’s also interviewed some pretty inspiring leaders such as Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s; Richard Baker, former CEO of Boots; and Welsh Rugby Union legend, Gareth Edwards.

Five years on and the website has evolved into a good resource of articles, interviews, and newsletters with great tips on leadership, authenticity, and building strong teams.

It’s my job to edit the articles and interviews, which is great for me. Not only do I love the work – I’ve also learned a heck of a lot!

What the client said
“I have found Elaine to be a great partner over the past few years. With any relationship it’s about trust and Elaine builds trust quickly through the quality of service that she provides and her all round manner. What stands out with Elaine is what happens after the trust has been built. You feel that she is really on your side as a true partner. Thinking of solutions even when she hasn’t been tasked to do so and being really authentic in terms of caring about your business and the way you come across to clients.

I have found that her style of writing has enhanced my tone of voice and it is often the little things, such as taking out certain words or twisting a phrase, which makes the good words into something much more engaging. And talking of engaging, Elaine is a most engaging person who has the most delightful way of talking to you, even if it’s to tell you about an upcoming deadline that needs hitting!

As a consultant working on other people’s business, it is nice to have someone really working for you on your team. So the value add is not simply the product that gets delivered but also the sense of support and making you feel so much more of a business in your own right.”

Simon Alldridge –  MD Ashtead Consulting 

Find out more: www.ashteadgroup.org

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