Breakfast networking – worth getting out of bed for?

This entry was posted on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 10:47 PM

Very early start this morning (5am) to get to a breakfast networking meeting at Warren House in Kingston upon Thames .  I only live 15 minutes away but it takes longer and longer these days to look presentable – especially at 7 in the morning.

Still Business for Breakfast is worth it. It’s a great group of people with good, solid businesses and its very supportive too. When I was first invited as a guest it sounded like the kind of networking group I swore I would never join.  I really didn’t get the idea of talking to the same people every other week.  But I really enjoyed my first meeting and met someone who needed my copywriting services on that first visit.

We meet every two weeks and you don’t need a letter from your mum if you can’t make it.  Of course we’re encouraged to introduce new members to the group and to make referrals but not in a pressured way.

I now absolutely understand the benefits of seeing the same people every fortnight. You get to build relationships and establish trust.  It’s a dynamic group so we always have guests as well as regulars.

As well as making good contacts it has another very positive side for me.  I hate doing 60 second pitches and get irrationally nervous.  Having to do them on a regular basis really makes me think about what I’m saying.  While keeping to my main message, I try to add something a little different each time to grab people’s attention.  I also managed to do a reasonable 10 minute Spotlight presentation about my business a couple of months ago without fainting, having my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth, or forgetting who or where I was, or that I was a copywriter.

Athena is another networking group that works well for me.  It’s a women’s networking organisation and I belong to the Kingston group.  We meet once a month for lunch at Warren House (I’m becoming a Warren House groupie but it is a fab venue). Like B4B, I find it very useful and supportive.  I’ve met some lovely people as well. Athena gives a lot of support to its members, including Athena Connect, the organisation’s social networking site. There are workshops and teleseminars too.

So a great start to the day and a positive end to the week.

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