Why hire a copywriter?


Brilliant ideas don’t always translate into brilliant copy.

Sometimes, you know what you want to say, but you can’t find the right words.

Not everyone is confident with grammar. And because badly written, grammatically incorrect copy can give a really poor impression of your company – no matter how good your products or services.

You have a million and one other things to do and you don’t need to be landed with something that isn’t your area of expertise.

You don’t have time to stare endlessly at a blank computer screen, waiting for inspiration.

You are too close to your company’s products and services. An outsider can often see things more clearly.

A fresh perspective can translate your ideas into dynamic and compelling copy. And who knows, maybe we’ll unlock some ideas you didn’t even know you had!

My approach

I like to get to know clients so expect lots of questions about your products, services and intended audience.

I want lots of information so that I have a clear understanding of who I am writing for, your market sector and your position within it. I’ll work with you to cultivate the right tone for what you want to say.

I believe copy should be clear and understandable – the shorter the better. And it should be compelling enough to keep it out of the ’round’ tray

It should be jargon free – don’t drown your message in industry speak and over used buzz words. I’ll take your ideas and create copy that engages your audience by speaking their language.

“Never trust anyone you don’t understand” – Jack Trout The Power of Simplicity.

I can help you with:

But if what you want isn’t on this list, get in touch.

Don’t be lost for words – give me a call. In the meantime, have some fun reading the kind of copy I promise never to write…

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