Copy localisation

What do you do if English is not your first language and you need clear, concise localised marketing materials to attract an English speaking audience?

Commission a native English-speaking copywriter with localisation skills and experience to help!

Why good translation isn’t enough

Getting copy translated into English is only the first step. If it is to be effective and bring you results, your copy needs to connect with your intended audience. That means getting the tone of voice, the flow and message correct.

Shaping translated words, or words that have been written by a non-native English speaker, into a correct and powerful message can only come with a thorough understanding of English.

But more than that, effective localisation for an English speaking market needs an expert who can create copy that connects with its target audience. And across all written mediums: websites, brochures, leaflets and more.

How I can help with localisation of your marketing materials

I’ve been a copywriter for over eight years, since I left my role as Head of Press and PR with Nikon UK.

Part of my role with Nikon involved taking copy that had been written by other nationalities and shaping it into clear English that also engaged Nikon’s target market.

I’ve continued to work for clients who do not have English as their first language, localising their marketing materials.  I help them to reach their English speaking audiences with concise yet emotive copy that reflects the company’s personality and attracts both existing and potential clients.

Why well written marketing materials matter

Caring about how your company is presented is the first step in gaining a foothold in a new market.  Marketing materials are often an introduction to a company, therefore they should be its ambassadors.

Failing to get your message across or failing to engage your target audience can damage your company’s chances of gaining business in a new environment.

About my clients

My clients include a German company whose headquarters is in Switzerland. They have branches worldwide and I receive copy written in English by many different nationalities.

They commission me to rewrite it so that it reads well, is written for their intended audience, and reflects the company style and tone of voice.

I’ve also worked with another large German company on scripts for a presentation that was part of a divisional conference.

The scripts had been written by French, Spanish and German nationals and I was commissioned to make them read and flow well in English.

Additionally I’ve worked with individual business owners who include German, Polish, and Albanian speakers.

So why not contact me at and let me help you make sure your marketing materials speak with confidence in English?