Cut-out quotes: beautiful papercut art from Ant Design

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If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll know I like images created with words:  I’ve written about several artists who work in this way.

I discovered Ant Design’s papercuts the other day and I love them. I know Ant Design as a graphic design agency founded and run by the very talented Kashmira Jhaveri. I also knew that, as well designing materials for corporate clients, Ant Design also has a gift range  but I’d no idea these lovely delicate pieces had been added.

“I love doing my corporate projects, such as websites and brochures, but creating the papercuts lets me explore other avenues,” Kashmira told me.

“I really enjoy the medium. I love inspirational quotes, yoga, and meditation, and feed all of these things into the papercuts.

“The thing I enjoy most though, is creating bespoke pieces. People come to me with their favourite quote, or a line from a song that really means something to them, and I incorporate it into a very personal and unique piece of work.”

Kashmira’s papercuts make lovely gifts for special occasions such as a wedding or birth of a baby: she’s created pieces that feature the baby’s name and date of birth.

She also produces cards as well as the larger, framed work. I send loads of cards, and put a lot of thought into choosing each one, so Kashmira’s papercuts really appeal to me – I particularly like the idea of commissioning something meaningful.

So if you’d prefer an affordable, original piece of art to a mass produced department store print, or you want a really special card for someone, why not take a look at her range?









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