Jargon alert: mid-weight copywriter needed

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at 3:26 PM

Imagine my bewilderment when this turned up in my inbox earlier:

Seeking a mid-weight copywriter

Our client, a well-established beauty retailer, is looking for a mid-weight copywriter…

Hello? I’m afraid mischief got the better of me and I emailed to ask if, at 6st 10Ibs, I was too lightweight to apply

Seriously – what’s in people’s heads sometimes? I have no idea what the term means but it suggests they are looking for someone average. But who is going to admit to mediocrity and why would a company activity seek it? Imagine the interview:

“Yeah, well, our marketing stuff is a bit of a waste of time really so there’s no point getting someone good in to write it.”

“Oh that’s great because while I’m not dreadful, I’m not really good either. And it just so happens, I’m looking for a company that takes pride in being mediocre. So when can I start?”

It could well be that in their world ‘mid-weight’ means something entirely different. But that’s the point – they need to think beyond their own little domain and be clear about what they want if they want their communication to be effective.

Unless you’re clear and say what you mean, don’t be surprised if you leave people baffled!

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