June client of the month – St Georges Finance

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St Georges (no apostrophe!) Finance  is my client of the month for June.

St Georges Finance is an independent funding specialist working mainly in the property sector. Clients include people who want to start property portfolios, SMEs who need finance to buy business property, and residential property developers.Many clients have been refused funding by high street banks – despite longstanding relationships and sound businesses. Others simply want to shop around to get the best deal.

MD, Adrian Dadds, founded the company with 20 years’ banking experience, giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sector. He knows which lenders operate in which sectors, and importantly he can view proposals from their perspective. He understands what they want to see and how to negotiate to get positive results for clients.

Where I come in

I’ve worked on several things for St Georges from targeted letters to prospective clients, a neat concertina fold business card, and the website.


I spent a considerable amount of time with Adrian to find out what he wanted from the site. I wanted to know about the type of people who comprised his target audience so I could choose the right words to engage them. I needed to know how he wanted to come across to them and what messages he wanted them to take away.

We established that the main purpose of the site was to give credibility with existing as well as prospective clients, and to help to build confidence and trust. Of course, the underlying aim was to bring in business.

St Georges Finance offers a very personal service and will often be working with a client over a long period of time. Adrian wanted copy that was down to earth without being too chummy, and that got to the point without waffling. And he wanted visitors to feel they were being spoken to as individuals.

He also wanted the site optimised with key words.

I worked closely with Padmedia who designed the site and also did the keyword research.

The results

“I am busy doing the ‘day job’ and therefore it’s really difficult to find time to devote to putting together my website copy and marketing letters. Elaine takes a huge amount of the pressure off by doing this for me.

“However she did so much more than just write the words. She spent time really trying to understand and clarify exactly who my target market was, the underlying message of the material, and what tone was appropriate.

“The feedback I’ve had on both the website and marketing material has been fantastic and I will definitely be using Elaine on a regular basis.

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone wanting some really professional, well thought-out copy.”

Adrian Dadds, MD St Georges Finance

Please visit www.stgeorgesfinance for more information on how Adrian may be able to help you.






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