Naughty Bunny – one girl’s quest to be reunited with her favourite childhood book

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Naughty BunnyFollowing my post yesterday on the lack of reading skills among London’s children, and my own love of books, I thought I’d start a regular ‘column’ on my favourites.

And here’s where it all began. The very first book I remember, and my favourite childhood book, was Naughty Bunny by American author, Richard Scarry.

How I loved that book. Each evening my parents would tuck me up in bed and nervously ask me which story I’d to be read.

To their despair, the answer was always the same – Naughty Bunny. They tried to outwit me and cut down their onerous task by missing out sections. Pah! Not a chance.

I would patiently point out that they seemed to have missed out a bit, giving them no alternative other than to start again.

Naughty Bunny mysteriously disappeared one day and was never seen again… that is until 30 years later and a chance conversation that struck horror in my parents’ hearts.

I was back in Manchester, and the neighbours’ children – twins aged about eight or nine – had popped in to see Mum and Dad.

I was telling them about the cruelty I’d been subjected to when my parents – the chief suspects in The Tale of the Missing Naughty Bunny – had ‘misplaced’ my beloved book.

“Oh yeah, Naughty Bunny. We’ve got that at home,” one of them casually said.

It was a thrilling moment. I had spent years scouring second-hand bookshops, charity shops, and markets for that book. My friends were all doing the same on my behalf. And this was, of course, in the days before the internet, Amazon, and fabulous sites like Abe Books and Barter Books.

Disbelief was quickly replaced by excitement.  I like to think I kept my dignity and calmly asked if they would be so very kind as to go home and bring me the book, but I doubt it. It’s far more likely I jumped around screeching, “get home NOW and bring me that book! Please.”

I’m indebted to those lovely twins. Not only did they bring the book, they gave it to me as a present. So Naughty Bunny and I are reunited at last, and to this day my parents deny any part in its disappearance!

What book do you remember from your childhood and do you still have it? I’d love to hear from you.

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