Ian Allan Travel

Ian Allan Travel is a long established business travel company that handles bookings for companies, academics, and charities. Each audience is slightly different and with different needs, all of which had to be conveyed in the copy.

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Camstage is an established and well-respected company that supplies and installs theatre curtains, cinema screens and related products.

It was a complex site because their customer base is so wide. It includes professional and amateur theatres, professional and home cinema clients, schools, community centres, offices, conference centres, hotels, and even crematoriums! They wanted copy that got across their messages to their varied audiences in a friendly, approachable and professional way. Because a lot of what they do is quite technical, we included a Knowledge Base to help clients understand what they need for their particular project.

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St George’s Finance

St George’s Finance are independent funding specialists. They help clients find commercial mortgages, finance for property developments, as well as cash flow finance. They wanted copy that was clear, to the point, with an approachable yet professional tone of voice.

As well as the website, I’ve also written a sales letter which brought in several leads, and a leaflet aimed at restaurant owners.

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Matthews Business Associates

Matthews Business Associates is a firm of accountants based in Worcester Park, Surrey. They specialise in helping small businesses and have a very refreshing approach to working with their clients. Naturally they wanted this to come across in the copy.

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Define Financial Planning

Define is an independent financial advice consultancy. I was asked to write website copy that was engaging and friendly. At the same time, given the nature of the business, it had to be professional as well as inspiring confidence and trust.While most of Define’s clients are high earners they vary in age so I had to take this into consideration.Define was keen to steer clear of jargon and to have terms explained clearly but without patronising its clients.

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Ashtead Performance Group

APG’s MD, Simon Alldridge, wanted to get away from the negative image of business consultants. He wanted copy that was fresh, pleasant to read, and was most definitely devoid of jargon (funny how I keep getting that request!). I worked with Simon on the structure of the site and liaised with his designer. I also introduced him to a graphic designer who handled the branding for him.Work with APG is ongoing.

I edit the APG newsletter, ‘Sharpening the Axe’, which is mailed every other month. In between we send out a standalone article called‘Three minutes on…’

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