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Americanisms: irritating invaders of UK English or welcome visitors?

I enjoyed Matthew Engel’s article, ‘Why do some Americanisms irritate people?’ which ran yesterday on the BBC News website’s News Magazine.

Engel says, that while we accept some words from across The Pond, others are more irritating. For instance we use words such as lengthy, reliable, talented, influential, and tremendous without a second thought but they are all US imports.

As he says, “American usages no longer swim to our shores as single spies, as “reliable” and “talented” did. They come in battalions.” And it’s true that some really do grate on British ears!

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Is ‘solutions’ the most over-used word in the dictionary?

It may only comprise eight letters but the word ‘solution’ can drive me to hysterical rants. I really do loathe it. It’s just so over-used in marketing copy, and worse still, as part of a company name.

Businesses seem to think it makes them sound dynamic and professional. Well it doesn’t. It makes them seem dull, unimaginative, dated, and as a PR friend of mine suggested – ‘lazy-brained’.

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Fifa Fo Fum, make sure your words don’t come undone

Sepp_Blatter_1904829gLove it or hate it, football is dominating the front and back pages of the papers at the moment. To non-football fans the corruption allegations facing Fifa, the sport’s governing body, probably won’t be in the least bit interesting. However one piece of ‘evidence’ that’s been revealed is a stark reminder to make sure what we write clearly represents what we mean!

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Commonly misused words

Quite often in English, words develop a different meaning through constant misuse. Here’s list of words that are frequently used in the wrong context; often in business letters and documents. Test your knowledge and make sure you are using them correctly.

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