VW Blue Motion ad makes me green with envy – a great illustration of clear, simple, but creative copy

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 at 3:25 PM

vw-ad-for-blog-2.jpgI love this ad for VW’s Blue Motion range. It ran on the London Underground and I’ve seen it at a couple of motorway service stations.  I think it’s SO clever.

It perfectly illustrates the power of words when used well and creatively. The message is the economy of the Blue Motion range and it’s reflected by wonderfully economic copy.

The crossed out copy is readable (and in fact curiosity makes you want to read it) so all the technical stuff is there.  However, it’s the words that are left that you notice and read first. They give a very simple and clear message: Blue Motion saves you money.

They’ve even crossed out most of the letters in Volkswagen to leave VW.

The strapline, ‘another example of VW efficiency’ sums up the ad as well as the Blue Motion range. Clever.

It was created by DDB London – VW’s UK ad agency for quite some time now. They’ve given us some great TV ads over the years but I think this poster campaign is up there with the best.   I just wish I’d written it!

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